Spider violin, hospitalization boom in Rome. What to do in case of puncture

It can bite, infect and, in the worst case, even send to the hospital. It is alarmed, in Rome , for the boom of hospitalization due to the attack of the ' violin spider '. On social networks , users are unleashed between memes and alarmed posts and now nothing is mentioned about their bites. After the case of Terni , last April, when a 59-year-old municipal police officer saw death in the face after being bitten, now the capital is shaking. The violin spider, however, is at home in Sicily too . About two weeks ago, a woman from Biancavilla (Catania) was bitten in the legand was admitted to the hospital, subjected to a powerful pharmacological therapy and to sessions in the hyperbaric chamber . The doctors did not rule out a plastic surgery operation to remove and reconstruct the portion of tissue destroyed by harmful substances.


It is an arachnid so small that it goes unnoticed, measuring just 7-10 mm , but it is very poisonous. Its scientific name is ' Loxosceles rufescens ' and is of a yellowish color and, at times, brown. It is recognizable thanks to the dark design that has on its back and that is reminiscent of a violin or has long legs. In reality, it has a rather shy and shy character and tends to stand aside but, if it becomes a nuisance, it is dangerous . Likewise, when you feel oppressed or closed in some spaces, you are ready to bite .


The incursion of the violin spider is the hot thing that madly loves, so it is easier to find it in the summer months. It can be seen both in the countryside and in the city. In the north it often lives right in the house, since it can not stand the cold temperatures. Instead, with the warmth, he prefers open spaces like gardens. At home you can repair behind furniture , skirting boards, under cardboard boxes or even inside gloves, shoes and underwear . In short, in all the ravines where it can be hidden and warm . The access points most commonly used by the violin spiders are the ventilation ducts and the gaps in the doors and windows, but also the piles of dry wood in the woodshed or next to the fireplace.


His bite, at first, causes at best a modest pain and is therefore easily underestimated, but in the following hours the symptoms are aggravated . Pain becomes gradually more intense; the affected area has a bright redfirst and then darker, with a swelling that tends to spread, the appearance of a central bubble , rashes and superficial necrosis. In severe cases, necrosis can also affect the deep tissues extensively and permanently compromise the musculature.


The damage caused by the 'Loxosceles rufescens' bite is due to two concomitant mechanisms. The venom contains enzymes that can attack tissues causing necrosis ; it can also cause systemic effects with fever , increase in the size of the lymph nodes, headache and tachycardia . Some specimens of Loxosceles then host as 'symbionts' particular germs(Clostridium), which develop in environments without oxygen and, settling on injuries resulting from trauma, can cause serious diseases ; their action in fact causes the dissolution of the tissues , which in this case facilitates the spider that has to eat it.

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