Metro C of Rome, closed the investigation. Even Alemanno among the 25 who risk the process

The case of the works linked to the Metro C of Romealso hits the former mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno. The Rome prosecutors have closed the investigations and in 25 are likely to end up on trial for the crimes ranging from fraud (for 320 million) to corruption and forgery.  In addition to the former first citizen of Rome are also involved former Mobility Councilor Antonello Aurigemma (Alemanno junta), former Mobility Councilor Guido Improta (junta Marino), the former director of the Ministry of Infrastructures Hercules Incalza and executives of Rome Metropolitan and Metro C of the period. 

The file, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Paolo Ielo and the substitute Erminio Amelio, had been opened following a statement by an association, and a note from a board of statutory auditors between 2013 and 2014. The suspects are challenged, according to of the position, the crime of competition in aggravated fraud against public bodies in relation to two episodes under the magnifying lens, and deemed illegal. 

The first in September 6, 2011, when, second magistrates the former mayor, in competition with former mobility councilor Antonello Aurigemma, would "attest the forgery" by misleading the CIPE, the State, the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome that approved a loan of 230 million euros , and gave an unfair advantage to the General Contractor Metro C, as the sum was not due to the groundlessness or non-existence of the Reserves.

The second in November 2013, with regard to the provision of another 90 million euros (but never occurred), always for the benefit of Metro C, as a payment tranche for the first functional phase of the works, also in this case loans not due because fruit of an earlier unlawful agreement. The prosecutors also contest some episodes of corruption linked to recruitment of children and relatives of public officials. 

ACCUSE AD ALEMANNO – Against the former mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, the prosecutors contest the crimes of false material and ideological fraud and aggravated fraud. According to magistrates the former mayor, in competition with former mobility councilor Antonello Aurigemma, has "attested the false"in response to the request of the director of the technical mission structure of the ministry of transport, Ercole Incalza, to "express himself – as written in the indictment – also acquiring the opinion of the advocacy of the Municipality, on the merits of the advanced reservations in progress by the general contractor Metro C and in relation to the prospects of any loss by the adjudicating entity "as part of the construction of the C line. According to the investigators, Alemanno and Aurigemma would have falsely attested in the deed of November 7 of 2012 because "never the advocacy of the City of Romeit was pronounced in this regard, because the lawyers appointed by Roma Metropolitane had explicitly stated that they had never been able to examine the documentation relating to the Reserves, never sent to their offices, because the magistrate of the Court of Auditors (Maria Elena Raso) never expressed ' authoritative assessment 'and not even of merit on the reserves and why the law firm had informed the mayor that the sums were recognized as' higher costs resulting from the temporary delay of contract performance recognizable only as being eligible for delays.

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